Membership Has Its Privileges; Ours Are Eternal Read More
Connecting Leaders,
Changing Lives
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Membership Has Its Privileges; Ours Are Eternal

The Barnabas Group is about connecting marketplace leaders to ministry leaders to serve them with our pro bono skills. Do something significant with your time and become a Barnabas Group member.
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Connecting Leaders, Changing Lives

Over a hundred ministries are interviewed each year to decide if they are ready to present to The Barnabas Group. These ministries receive coaching, constructive criticism, and encouragement during these meetings from key members.
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Affiliated partners have synergetically increased their base due to parallel involvement and movement. To God be the glory, not us. The Barnabas Group is collaborative with Christ followers – not competitive.
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Christ First Values, Calling, Character, Collaboration

The Barnabas Group maintains a four-fold commitment to honor God with our results and output while leveraging member relationships to help ministries attain their goals or overcome obstacles.
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The Way Things Converge Here Sets Us Apart

Since 2000, God has been using The Barnabas Group (TBG) to make a powerful impact on ministries around the corner and around the globe. Too many great individuals and organizations support ministries primarily with their checkbook. TBG realized ministry-minded people could provide so much more if given an opportunity to use their network, time, unique abilities, giftings or resources to help ministries that reflect their true passions. The result is a truly dynamic organization that stays fresh, exciting, and highly relevant to its members, ministries and communities it serves.

At our quarterly meetings, presenting ministries share their vision, needs, challenges and opportunities, providing Barnabas Group members an option to come alongside and assist. In addition, we hold a few special events throughout the year to promote member and ministry fellowship. The needs of presenting ministries at these events are always diverse, and we find a refreshing consistency in our members' passion to serve with integrity and focus.


Mike Malone

"I have particularly enjoyed the ministry vetting and strategic planning sessions as these allow a deeper understanding of the ministry's mission, goals, challenges and strategy."

Michael McLendon

"I just felt the calling to do something bigger, something global. When the ministries presented, I just saw connections everywhere."

Connie Salios

"The Barnabas Group allows ministries to present opportunities for me and my fellow members to get involved. We have a chance to get connected with our heart and our head."

John Gross

"If you've not dove into the deep end, it's time.... Being exposed to men and women like you find at the Barnabas Group stirs you up... Life is about more than making money. There is a place... where our passion lines up with our purpose and our potential. That is the place of our calling. That is the place where we become extraordinary, where we operate at genius level."