Christ First, Calling, Character, Collaboration
The Barnabas Group (TBG) was founded with the goal of allowing Christians to use their collective talents as God would lead, in helping advance His Kingdom. In short, TBG is a ministry whose members have a passion to serve other ministries with their diverse passions and talents. Read more about our nationwide movement

Core Values

Christ First

A personal commitment to be authentic and sincere followers of Jesus the Messiah; people who know, love, and serve the Lord and Savior of our world.
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A personal commitment first to God the Caller, then as faithful stewards, engaging our unique abilities and gifts with a Kingdom purpose in service to Him.
Chapter Leadership


A personal commitment to be better than our nature demonstrating Christian virtue and integrity where our stated values match our choices and actions.
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A personal commitment to work together and to collaborate in order to leverage relationships for the greatest Kingdom impact and outcome.
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